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About Eskişehir
Eskisehir province, Turkey's capital Ankara and Central Anatolia Region is a province located west. Center city of Eskisehir.

  Anadolu and Osmangazi Universities hosts. In the province, has a significant population of Crimean Tatars origin. Dorlion'dur old name in history. Seljuk and Ottoman period, has been an important crossroads. 

Almost all of these provinces Meerschaum extraction. 

Eskisehir industry, education level, ekenomik level, architectural and historical importance is a city with much diversity and richness. Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir provinces such as the great man that close to the railway network in Eskişehir Eskişehir Eskişehir through the west and east of the intersection of geographic and economic structure of a merger by contributing to a different color string. Mineral deposits and holdings can be said that quite a lot. Turkey is an important part of even the world's boron reserves are mined in Eskisehir. 

Turkey make up the backbone of Railways Locomotive and Engine Industry, the Military base in the main jet, aircraft maintenance and production, the company's factory in Turkey and around the world and a lot of name-brand is a city located in the main center. 

Badger River divides the city center in half. In recent years the problem of editing and projects started to become the city's river güzelleştirilerek, a separate face to the city and came to the fore as a means of transportation. Besides public transport, buses and boats with a very modern city tramway system is of importance. kırnak are extinct.